Friday, 15 June 2012

Stickin' to it....

Soo I know, I know. I'm horrible at updating. life has been so busy with selling the house (it's sold by the way HOORAY) and looking for some place new, that I don't get a lot of time to post.

I won't lie. For a while, I was slacking. Personal life got in the way and I lost sight of my goal. But I got back on the wagon and here I am today :)

That being said, I have some cool things to talk about!!

So one night, I went out with my sisters for dinner to Philthy McNastys and to see a movie.
I had 2 free passes, and my other sister had a buy one get one free coupon. But, there was only 3 of us!! Well, my sister Tenessa came up with the idea of picking a person in line and letting them have the free ticket!! Turns out, there was only one fellow in line behind us, but he was really grateful! at first, he probably thought we were nutso, but that's beside the point ;)

Yay for good deeds at the Movies!

Give something out into the universe, get something back? Maybe! When we came out of the movies, this was stuck into the window of my car:

It's a $10 gift coupon to the restaurant where we went for dinner prior to the movies! We were all so shocked!

We wonder.. was it the guy who got the free movie ticket? was he trying to pay it forward by performing a good deed to some one else, coincidentally picking my car? Who knows. But it's pretty awesome non the less :)


On a different day not too long ago, I took my little guy Silas to the grocery store. When we were leaving we were driving through the parking lot and we found this goose:

Poor thing had a broken leg and couldn't move very far. By the poop around it, it had been living off drinking from that puddle for a few days. As we sat in the car watching it, a few people almost hit it with their cars. It was obvious that he could not fly.

Silas was concerned, and so was I. So, I did the only thing that I could think of. I called Animal Control. I explained the situation and that we were really worried the goose would be hit by a car and killed. Animal Control came and took the pretty creature off to safety. I like to think that hopefully the leg was fixable!


And for my last post, another morning I was at the grocery store again doing some shopping. I always like to have my coupons with me, cause I'm cheap. LOL! Anyway, a lot of the times my coupons expire because I don't need them or use them. So today my lightbulb came on! if I can't use them, it doesn't mean someone else won't! So, as I did my shopping, I strategically placed my coupons around the store where they would be seen. Some times it was even a great deal for the finder! I hope they enjoyed their found savings!

I also continued this and gave a gentleman at the drugstore a $5 off coupon for the Arius he was buying. it was already on sale so he was pretty thrilled. :)

That's all for today (and I think it's long enough ha ha), but I will post soon I promise!

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  1. Yay for $10 coupon! That's pretty awesome. :)

    Poor goose! I'm glad you were there to call Animal Control. I'm surprised no one else bothered.