Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A family affair

Well it's been a while since I last wrote, things have been crazy busy in my personal life. We are prepping our house for sale! Such an exciting time in the lives of my little family :)

BUT! Just because I've been busy doesn't mean the good deeds have stopped!! I will admit, it's been hard some days, I have been under a lot of pressure and stress and it's not always easy to remember to try and be nice!! It's a work in progress, but that's okay with me :)

Recently, I actually was the recipient of an RAK myself. A complete stranger paid the $2 for my son to participate in an egg hunt at the local park on my street. I had left my wallet at home and due to a communication mix up he was going to be excluded until this wonderful lady came along. That woman reminded me what it's all about! If the people I have been doing RAK's for feel half as good as I felt when she did that for Silas, then I'm thrilled. :)

After Easter I spent the night at my sisters house and the next day we took the kids for a walk. It was a super windy day and on the way my sister and her son picked up recyclables and put them back in peoples bins! I was so very proud watching :)

Today on my way to work I was feeling like I needed a pick me up. I wanted to do a good deed for someone cause it always makes me feel so good inside. And then the idea hit me! Coffee and a donut! In the visor of my car I had 2 tabs from Tim Horton's recent "Roll up the Rim" contest. One was for a free coffee and one was for a free donut. So, I put them into a plastic bag with one of my kindness cards. On the back of the card I wrote "Have a coffee and donut on me!" with a big smiley face. Then I picked a random car in the parking lot at work and slipped it under the windshield wiper. 

Trying not to get noticed was the hardest part!! 

then I snuck away quiet as a mouse. I hope they enjoyed their little treat!! :) 

That's all for now. I'll try to update more often!

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