Wednesday, 14 March 2012

thinking of others

Well it's been a little while since I updated, it's been crazy busy for me but that doesn't mean the good deeds have stopped!!

I have been doing my best to try and put myself in other peoples shoes.. Thinking of their feelings before my own. Treating them as I wish to be treated. I've been putting forth a really good effort to be a better driver.. You know, to those people who like to swerve over and cut ahead one car (usually i wouldn't let them in!) stuff like that. I've been doing a pretty good job too!! :)

Some other good deeds done have been...

last week we had a pretty windy day on the day we put out our trash bins. When I went outside to get mine I saw that my neighbours bin was in the middle of the street a few doors down. I went and got it and put it on his porch :)

One night on our family walk we found a pair of glasses on the sidewalk. They were in really good condition and didn't look like they had been there long. So Chris took them to the house in front of the spot where the glasses were found. A lady answered and said that the glasses weren't hers, but that she thought they belonged to the fellow next door. She said he worked evening shift and wasn't home, but offered to take them and return them to him the next day!

the glasses!

And finally (but not *finally*) my last good deed for this entry! (no one likes to read a novel)

I am a member of a site on Facebook called Recycling Kindness. it's a pretty cool page and basically you give things away and you can ask for stuff for free as well. no money is ever exchanged. it's just basically people helping people.

Anyway, I had purchased two wagjags months ago for a burger and fries from O'niels, one of my fave places ever. But after buying them I realized they were for a different place up the mountain not anywhere near to me. So, two days ago I gave them away to two strangers over the RK site!

I have to say that doing these things is really making me feel so much happier deep inside myself. I feel more fulfilled. I'm looking forward to each day. To see what new things will present themselves to me, and how I can help people feel good too. The change is happening! 

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